From in-train advertising to digital screens, doors to pillars, the Kayman Beauty brand presence was hard to miss, engaging consumers with relevant content. Even Nabella Annuar, Founder of Kayman Beauty was entirely impressed with the impact transit advertising delivered.
There’s never been a better time than now to support homegrown brands, especially one that celebrates all skin types and tones. To reach their discerning Malay female target audience, Kayman Beauty promoted their proudly made in Malaysia skincare line with a 3-month long campaign that took over our MRT and KTM trains and stations, inciting interest while boosting brand affinity.
In just a short time span, the campaign drew countless eyeballs–close to 17,000 monthly social media conversations and even brought attention to the #KaymanTreasureHunt, converting brand awareness to brand loyalty. Nothing better exemplifies the effectiveness of transit advertising in driving digital transformation for brands on social platforms than true conversions and success stories!