Food brands are dominating the transit ad scene, and it’s not hard to see why. With rising number of daily commuters, more eyeballs means increased brand visibility. And that’s what Nutriplus is after, unveiling their new premium product in our clean and upscale MRT environment to capture the masses.
In collaboration with NH Food Japan, Nutriplus introduced their premium quality popcorn chicken to the market flashing its mouth-watering goodness on our digital screens, each one more vibrant than the next.
Bite-sized, easy to cook and healthy. That’s the kind of food commuters love to munch on while on the go. And since the SBK line is connected to major shopping malls in Klang Valley where products are sold, we’re certain not many are able to resist grabbing a pack (or three) after catching a glimpse of the crisp-coated, tender and juicy popcorn chicken on our digital screens.
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